Docket: August 22 thru 26, 2011

** The docket is subject to change.  Please contact our office or the Court to determine if the case will proceed as scheduled. **


August 22th:

 1:00pm:  The following cases are scheduled for sentencing in District Court:

 11-0218-SM          Thomas Wolosonowich                                       11-0708-SD           Chelsea Laree Parsons

11-0504-FY           Tina Marie Finn                                                    11-0502-FY           Ronald Ray Finn

11-0595-SM          Johnnie J. Keel, III                                                 11-0598-SD           Joshua James Beilfuss

11-0492-SD           Shawn Emerson Corder                                      11-0794-SM          Angela Mary-Rae Neph

10-0894-SM          Angela Mary-Rae Neph (prob. viol)


2:00pm:  The following cases are scheduled for pre-trials and pre-exam hearings in District Court:

 11-0810-SD           Phillip Charles Fisher (pre-trial)

11-0812-SM          Phillip Charles Fisher (pre-trial)

11-0813-FY           Phillip Charles Fisher (pre-exam)

11-0829-FY           Phillip Charles Fisher (pre-exam)

11-0239-FY           Heather Lynn Nielson (pre-exam)

11-0775-FY           Harley Allen Mullins (pre-exam)

11-0756-FY           Wilbur Blaine Mills (pre-exam)

11-0814-FY           George Warner Sherrod (pre-exam)


 August 23rd:

1:00pm:  The following case is scheduled for a pre-trial on District Court:

 11-0676-FT           Matthew Ross Anderson


 August 24th:

9:00am: The following cases are scheduled for hearings in Circuit Court:

 11-004257-FH      Jamie Joe Queen (sentencing)

06-002831-FH      Craig Allen Marbry (probation violation)

11-004217-FH      Shawn William Smith (status conference)

10-004063-FH      Duane David Warner, Jr. (probation violation)

10-003929-FH      Duane David Warner, Jr. (probation violation)


 1:00pm:  The following cases are scheduled for hearings in Circuit Court:

 11-004175-FH      Lawrence Newson (motion to consolidate)

11-004176-FH      Lawrence Newson (motion to consolidate)


1:00pm:  The following cases are scheduled for pre-trial conference in District Court

 11-0799-SM          Lance Vanbuskirk                                                 11-0685-SD           Paul Neil Bailey

11-0657-SM          Larry Lon Stallings                                                10-0846-SD           Michael Hazen Royce

11-0728-SM          Harry Earl Givens Johnson                                  11-0779-SM          Terrance Keith Johnson

11-0743-ST           Luke Lee Ellsworth Bower                                  11-0722-SM          Zolton Michael Nagy, III

11-0738-SD           Kelly Renee Arnold                                             11-0742-SD           Michael David Soto

11-0613-SD           Charles David Sensing                                         11-0758-SD           Tomasa Maria Ruiz

11-0783-SD           Sheila Lynne Roberts                                          11-0780-SD           Peggy Lou Kosloski

11-0709-ST           Erin Lynn Garrison                                               11-0725-SM          Samantha Kay Schwencer

11-0565-SM          Scott Alan Gates                                                   11-0797-SM          Leslie Kimberly Rogers

11-0796-SM          Bryan Keith Malone, II                                         11-0770-SM          Jeffrey J. Dickerson

11-0761-SM          Jessie Alan Grubaugh                                          11-0760-SM          Nicole Marie Trotter

11-0674-ST           Dillion Michael Martin                                        11-0243-ST           Dillion Michael Martin

11-0192-ST           Dillion Michael Martin                                        11-0767-SM          Darrin Albert Olson

11-0753-SD           Robbin Jo Smith                                                    11-0759-SM          Jamie Leigh Cummings

11-0747-SM          Robert Eugene Henry                                         10-900620-AR      Baillie Jo-Renee Warner

11-0687-ST           Ostina Leigh Adkins                                             11-0665-SD           Jeannine Lucille Hayhow

11-0347-ST           Kenneth Michael Hensley                                  11-0737-SD           Michael Theodore Hinojosa

11-0571-SM          Edwin Darryl Teddy                                             11-0680-SD           Timothy John Menjoulet

11-0573-ST           Rheanann Rozelle Coffey                                   10-0513-SM          Mary Claire Wiltse

10-1338-OM         Mary Claire Wiltse                                               11-0720-ST           Mike Bernard Raymond

11-84225-OM      Roseanna Lynn Bailey                                         11-66713-SM       James Jeffrey Miller


 August 24th:

 9:00am: The following case is scheduled for jury trial in District Court:

 11-0698-SM          Randy Jon Riskovich (aggravated assault)

11-0701-SM          Anthony Dwayne Berthiaume (Child Abuse 4th Degree)

11-0726-SM          Dale Leroy Tuttle (Stalking)

11-0727-SM          Andre Demetrius Bryant (Domestic Violence)

11-0749-SM          Brandon Scott Bailey (Malicious Use Telephone to Threaten)


9:00am:  The following case is scheduled for motions and jury trial in Circuit Court, but adjournment requests have been submitted to the Court for signature:

 10-004061-FH      Kris Edward Siterlet  (OWI 3rd, Driving While License Suspended 2nd Offense, Habitual 3rd Offender)


1:30 pm:  There is a special prosecutor matter in Osceola County


 August 26th:

9:00am:  There is a special prosecutor matter in Osceola County

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